Our profound respect for the natural world is reflected in the MSB campus.

In addition to environmental features that minimize our footprint, we promote a connection to nature-based learning. From our backyard gardens to trails through our forested acreage, from solar panels that power our campus to lessons about plant life, the study of biology and geology begins as early as age three. 

The campus expansion reflects our deep commitment to outdoor education and sustainability. Features include:

Natural Ventilation

  • Operable windows allow for natural ventilation and reduce mechanical cooling


  • Fallen trees from the 2017 winter storms on the MSB property were milled and used for a sculptural gallery wood ceiling

Reduce, Reuse + Recycle

  • Demolished concrete from the stadium steps was compacted on site and used for the site prep of the new addition, resulting in reduced waste in the landfill

Healthy + Educational Building Materials

  • Natural building materials offer children a tactile learning environment that reflects the simple beauty of nature, bringing nature inside and leaving harmful chemicals out

Daylight + Views

  • Added windows light the administrative offices and tutoring rooms on the cloudiest Oregon days
  • Every window provides a visual connection to nature outside

 1 or 2

  • Push button low-flush toilets and low-flow plumbing fixtures offer tools for teaching and opportunities to save water


  • New LED lighting provides a pleasant color temperature for staff and children to create ocular comfort and enhanced energy efficiency 

 Child's Play

  • Concrete stadium steps were demolished to make way for a children's garden and to capture stormwater run-off