Why did MSB decide to expand the campus?

Quite simply, we had outgrown the space in our main building.  Since the 2013 Strategic Plan was developed, the MSB team and board have made it a priority to evaluate thoughtful improvements to the campus.  This expansion has given us space to nurture a vibrant, thriving community—now and in the years to come.  Details can be found in About the Capital Campaign and the Tour.


How much did the campus expansion cost?

The campus expansion cost totaled $1.5 million. Of this amount, MSB’s Board of Directors agreed to put $500,000 of our reserve savings toward the project. Thanks to a unique state of Oregon program to which MSB applied, the remainder will be paid through a loan that offers advantageous borrowing terms for nonprofit educational institutions.


About the capital campaign

What is the purpose of the capital campaign?

The capital campaign is an important fundraising effort that supports replenishing our reserves and supporting the 2017-18 campus expansion. Born out of the 2013 Strategic Plan to which parents contributed input, this building project has been a reflection of our commitment to better house educational activities for our children and to support the needs of parents, teachers and administrative staff. Our goal is to fund $250,000 toward the cost of the MSB campus expansion. We also hope to achieve 100% participation among current MSB families. Every contribution counts just as every person matters at MSB!


Why should I give to the capital campaign?

Throughout our history, MSB families have shown tremendous generosity and an unwavering commitment to paying it forward.  In fact, all of us today are the beneficiaries of financial contributions made by past generations of community-minded parents.

We have come a long way from our days as one classroom in a basement to a leader in pre-K to 6th year education in Portland and beyond. We need everyone’s financial support, and we are asking everyone that has benefitted from MSB to donate to the capital campaign. We also are aiming for 100% participation among current families. Every contribution counts, and every person matters.


Why do we need to raise funds through the capital campaign? How did we set our fundraising goals?

To enable us to begin the expansion project, MSB’s Board of Directors agreed to put $500,000 of our reserve savings toward the campus expansion costs. In this way, we are putting to good use many years of careful fiscal stewardship and generous support—an investment that will help MSB and our community thrive for years to come.  

MSB’s financial reserves are strategically managed with earmarks in place to ensure we can fund the school’s needs—everything from supplementing tuition to building maintenance, even certain emergency repairs in the event of a natural disaster.

It is imperative that we now replenish our reserves to preserve MSB’s long-term financial stability.  Our fundraising goal of $250,000 was set with this commitment in mind.


Now that construction is complete, why are we still fundraising?

Although construction is complete, we still need to replenish MSB’s reserves which were used to partially offset the cost of the project.


What about funds raised through the Annual Appeal and the MSB Auction? Will those go toward the capital campaign?

No. The Annual Giving campaign and MSB Auction are important fundraising efforts that go toward other, more immediate financial needs (i.e., MSB’s operating budget and specific projects such as financial aid). Although we may incorporate ways to contribute to the campus expansion during this year’s auction, the primary way to contribute is through this capital campaign.


I have additional questions about the MSB capital campaign. Who can I talk to?

Email capitalcampaign@msb.org to reach the MSB capital campaign committee, a group of dedicated parent volunteers representing both current and alumni families.  Members include:

  • Saira Ahmad

  • Jennifer Cade

  • Shonna Lemke

  • Monica Lin-Meyer (chair)


How to help

How do I donate?

There are many ways to donate to the MSB Capital Campaign:


My company offers matching donations. Should I still give using the online pledge form?

No, please do not use the online pledge form.  Instead, contact your company’s corporate giving or human resources department for instructions. That way the MSB capital campaign will receive matching donations along with your contribution.  Nike and Intel employees, access your company matching site here.


I'm interested in making a significant donation (above $1000). How should I make this pledge?

Rather than using the online pledge form, please send a check payable to MSB (include MSB Capital Campaign in the memo line) directly to:

MSB Capital Campaign
Attn: Kelly Ward
11065 NW Crystal Creek Lane
Portland, OR 97229

Please also join our digital quilt by emailing a photo (e.g., family portrait) to capitalcampaign@msb.org. Thank you!


Can I pledge to make regular payments instead of a one-time donation? How does this work?

Yes, you can pledge to make a regular contribution by enrolling in our Quarterly Pledge Circle. Each quarter, you will receive an invoice reminding you to fulfill your pledge commitment by sending in your contribution. These invoices will be sent to you ongoing through the end of the MSB Capital Campaign (Currently scheduled through the end of 2019).  Your donation during the course of the calendar year is fully tax-deductible. 

Please note: If you enroll in the Quarterly Pledge Circle, your pledge amount will become part of our financial plan for the campus expansion. We will be counting on you to follow through on this commitment and make your quarterly contribution in a timely manner.


I have already committed to donate to other charitable causes. How can I support MSB?

We understand that MSB families may support multiple charitable causes throughout the year.  If you simply cannot make a significant donation to the MSB Capital Campaign this year, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Join the Quarterly Pledge Circle.

  • Review your portfolio and consider gifts of appreciated assets (stock). This will save you capital gains taxes while making a generous gift to MSB.

  • Reach out to potential donors, including grandparents and MSB alumni families. Would they be interested in matching your gift or making a donation of their own?

  • Join with other family members or friends to sponsor a room or designated area in the expansion.

  • Use social media to spread the word about the MSB Capital Campaign.

  • Put us at the top of your giving list next year. We really do need everyone’s financial support, and we are asking everyone who has benefitted from MSB to donate to the capital campaign.


Tell me about naming opportunities.

For patrons donating $15,000 or more, we offer the option of naming areas of the campus expansion.  Please contact the MSB Capital Campaign committee for more information (capitalcampaign@msb.org).


What if I need technical support with my pledge?

If you need help making your pledge, please contact a member of the MSB Capital Campaign committee at capitalcampaign@msb.org.