Since our founding, MSB has relied on the generosity of families who have consistently paid it forward. Thanks to many generations of support, today we have a thriving community dedicated to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2017-18, we decided that the time was right to add space to nurture our flourishing community. 

The campus expansion, and the capital campaign to help fund it, is giving us space to support our vibrant community—now and in the years to come.


Five years ago it became clear that we were quickly outgrowing the space in our main building. Based on survey feedback from MSB families, we identified the need for a larger central gathering space

We envisioned this could be a shared space for children and their families, staff and the community at large. This is a place...

...where children can engage in learning activities—from cooking projects to one-on-one space for tutoring

...where parents can gather to support each other, to learn about Montessori education, and work together on projects to support MSB and classroom learning.

...where teachers can easily collaborate with each other, sharing ideas and working together to bring learning experiences to life in their classrooms.

...where our administrative team can continue to provide critical support and leadership to the whole community.

...where alumni can gather to reconnect with each other and MSB. 

Our expanded campus, and the campaign to fund, are further enhancing our thriving, vibrant community today and into the future.  

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