Forty years ago...

...a group of dedicated parents and visionary teachers opened a small Montessori classroom in Beaverton. From that humble beginning we’ve grown into the school you know and love today, thanks to the generosity of many generations of MSB families.

In 2017-18, we completed a campus expansion, building on our dreams of the past to help MSB thrive in the years to come. We felt the time was right to nurture our community with more space for gatherings and educational activities, as well as vital work areas for our many volunteers, teachers and staff.

Now, I invite you to join our Capital Campaign and provide a financial contribution that will support MSB, our children and our thriving community. 

Cathy Swan
Head of School

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Learning Inspired by Nature

MSB’s learning environment reflects our profound respect for what nature can teach our children. We build with responsible environmental stewardship in mind.


Connecting Our Diverse Community

Our community is centered around creating an inclusive, joyful learning environment for our children. We build to celebrate our diversity and nurture connections between families, school and community.


Responsible Fiscal Stewardship

This campaign reflects our long history of thoughtful financial management and the support of many generations of families. We build with the goal of investing wisely so our school can thrive in the years to come.